Ensure your brand is front of mind with the media with these tips. These are just a few of the ways we’ve been able to secure coverage for our clients in this challenging time.


Tip 1 - Check In Regularly

If there’s one thing our years in the business has shown, it’s that nurturing personal relationships with editors and journalists is vital.

We’ve done this by scheduling coffees over Zoom and Skype, checking in with journalists on social media, and getting on the phone with editors and journalists. This has been vital in helping our boutique agency achieve such outstanding coverage for our clients throughout lockdown.

You will probably have hosted or worked with journalists and editors in the past, and maintaining those relationships can really set you apart.

An example from our own recent experience stems from social media. We noticed that one of the journalists we’re connected with on social media posted that she was stressed with her new ‘work from home’ situation.

We messaged her to see how she was – no pitching, just genuine concern. We continued chatting, and the conversation later naturally turned to work – which ultimately led to our client being featured in a leading UK society and celebrity magazine – at a time when almost nobody else in the industry was getting any coverage. This helped increase brand awareness among the readers and gave the client a positive story to share in a tough time.

The key here is to be proactive and to nurture genuine relationships. One benefit of the fact that almost everyone is working remotely right now is that it makes it easier than ever to make connections. You no longer need to be in the same location to meet for a coffee or host an event. Social media platforms, video and audio calling technology, webinars and emails mean you can still keep your brand front of mind, even when you’re far away.

Tip 2 - Don’t Shy Away From The C-word

Every travel and hospitality publication is concerned with Covid-19 right now. And while many journalists are itching to venture out again, a lot of them are just as worried about safety as your guests are. 

Now is the time to let the media know that you’re prioritising health and safety – but in a fun or inventive fashion. Just because you’re talking about safety doesn’t mean it has to be dull. 

We sent a press release recently for one of our clients with information about their new health and safety protocols. But instead of focusing on alcohol hand gels and increased cleaning, we highlighted the array of exciting new treatments, wellness classes and protocols that had been developed in response to the current crisis. 

These included Sound Healing and Meditation for guests keen to maintain social distancing while still reaping the benefits of spa therapies. For hygiene, we presented the new essential oil blend that performs double duty – its antiviral and antibacterial properties sterilise the private steam room while the smell provides an uplifting effect to the mind. 

This press release led to a boost in enquiries from journalists interested in the property. 

You do need to share the crucial information around your new Covid-19 protocols, but try to do so in an engaging way that also highlights the more unique aspects of your property or business.

Tip 3 - Rethink Your Angles

The type of story that might have piqued an editor’s interest six months ago doesn’t work any more. You need to think of new ways to engage with journalists whose priorities have changed.

Lifestyle media outlets are currently looking for a wider variety of articles than in the past. While there’s still a place for traditional destination articles, news and reviews– and demand for this is increasing daily – many magazines, newspapers and websites are looking for alternative ways to fill their pages and keep their readers entertained.

An example type of coverage we achieved for one luxury travel client was a founder profile. When the world was in lockdown, we approached one of the leading lifestyle publications to see if it would be interested in featuring a first-person interview with him. We explained what made his story unique, and they were hooked. This led to a popular online Q&A article that showcased the environmental and experiential offerings of our client, which was read widely by the website’s high-net-worth readership.

To achieve a broader range of coverage that will make your property stand out to readers, you need to think beyond your standard outlets and sections, and offer compelling brand stories that will excite journalists across a wide variety of sections and platforms.

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